Great Book: Sex at Dawn

This is one of my favorite reads in a long long time!

If you have ever wondered about your great x 1000 grandmother’s sex life look no further! This book discusses our prehistoric sex habits and how they continue to effect or society today. It takes some pretty interesting views on monogamy and why we cheat. It also talks about evolution. If you are religiously minded, you will probably not enjoy this book. For everyone else looking to expand their knowledge about sex and why we are tempted to have it with different folks look no further.

On a more personal note, I have in my past and sometimes present have felt societal pressure and guilt about having slept with a decent number of men and women and my sexual appetite ( 2x a day please). This book makes a lot of those urges seem normal and well natural ( or I am trying to defend my loose ways, whatevs). As a scientist, who actually looked at a decent portion of the source papers, I think this is a pretty valid theory. However, I will say that the more popular monogamy theory also has some valid points. I will say that I am biased towards this book just because it seems more natural, as in actually nature not human nature, that we have many partners and are promiscuous.

Read the book and then compare it with the theory in the book The Red Queen. Make your own damn decisions and then come back and we can discuss it till the cows come home (it’s gonna be a while since I don’t own cows)



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I have experience in a some of things. I try to live my life as full as possible and with as many experiences as possible. I like to drink, play rugby, read, cook and sit in bars and talk about abstract things with my friends.
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