Prostates and UTIs

(Sorry this took so long, I am getting ready for a trans-Pacific move)

Okay so fun anatomy fact: Women have a prostate. Something I never really knew… not that I am an anatomy buff. I am actually pretty awful at anatomy despite the Biology degree. Often the female prostate is called the Skene’s gland. It surrounds the urethra and helps you control your bladder flow. Now, why am I talking about this on a blog about relationships and sex. Don’t worry, I will get there, bear with me.

A problem, some of my friends often have are UTI’s. If you have never had one, count yourself lucky. They suck. A UTI is a urinary tract infection, literally nasty bacteria is getting all up in your urethra, bladder or kidneys. When I have had one, it makes me feel like I have to pee all the time. UTIs don’t happen because someone is dirty, they happen because some people have a lower immune system or are just more prone to them in general. Now to be fair, woman who have sex more often are more likely to get them. Let’s think about that though, sex is when someone is getting their hands, mouths and private parts all up in your business. Your body and mouth is literally coated in bacteria. I don’t care if you just purelled your entire body and listerined your mouth, you and your man or woman have bacteria, get over it.

YUMMY, but I want mine with Vodka

Back to UTI’s, they suck. However, UTI’s if left untreated can cause damage to your body. Multiple and severe UTIs can cause kidney damage and sepsis. Now there are ways to prevent UTIs and treat them (find them here: NIH). Normally, If I feel like a UTI is coming on, I run right out and get some cranberry juice, turns out that is not just an urban legend (Science!)

Now, one would think that our bodies as evolved as they are would have some way to prevent infections that could cause damage to a major organ. Turns outs we may just have evolved this fun little trait.

Lets go back to the Skene’s gland. The male prostate helps men ejaculate and get hard. Turns out that it may do the same thing for us. Woman generally don’t ejaculate, but we probably should. Before anybody says “Gross!” Female ejaculate is not urine (look at the Science 2 link) and is perfectly natural. Many times we either do not get sufficiently turned on or we are unwillingly to ‘let go’ during sex. Now the first time I ejaculated, I thought I just peed on some one, which would be awkward to say the least. Now I know that it just happens with a particularly strong g-spot orgasm or after multiple orgasms and on top of it, my partner gets to be pretty damn proud of themselves as it happens rarely.

So why should we strive to ejaculate and orgasm every time we have sex? Well, its fun and amazing, but science. Female ejaculate is viscous and white just like a man’s, however our ejaculate may serve a unique function to help protect against UTIs. It may help prevent UTIs by containing antimicrobial compounds such as zinc. Read this for more info: Science 2!

Personally, I think this is a great reason to keep sexy time going longer. Think about it. If you have UTI’s less and stronger, better orgasms aren’t your more likely to want sex more often? Which leads to a happier and stronger relationship. Now, ladies, this leads me to the point that you need to allow your body some practice at letting the orgasm go. It honestly feels like you have to pee during sex, but don’t stress, your body won’t let you pee during sex. That feeling is probably a really strong orgasm coming on. ENJOY IT and LET Go! Ejaculating during sex takes practice and a committed, open partner, but all of this leads to more sexy time so good times will be had by all. (Then you can listen to this: Lonely Island)

Now that I have thrown some science at you, I have to continue to pack for Korea!



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