How does the pill effect your life?

Birth control… Many of the rational sexually active women I know are on it. So today we will be talking all about the pill and I will be giving you some more SCIENCE knowledge that is important to your relationship. No really, if you’re on hormonal birth control (the pill, the patch, the shot, etc), your medication could effect your feelings for your special someone. If you wanna skip history and the benefits scroll down

So first some history:
1921: Scientsts found that hormones inhibited ovulation and therefore pregnancy
1960: Enovid, the first, pill is approved as contraception.
1969: Depo-Provera is approved as a high-dose progestin injection.
1976: Progestasert, the first hormonal IUD
2002: Nuva Ring and Otho Evra, the patch, were launched.

Pros of hormonal birth control

    • The perfect use failure rate is less than 1%. Even the ‘typical use’ failure rate is only 8% (that means people like me who can’t remember everyday, but hey no babies yet!). Even condoms have a perfect use failure rate of 2% and typical use failure rate of 15%.
    • You know you are taking that shit… I hate to say it, but I trust very few of my sexual partners to not fuck up condoms and 15% is too high.
    • There are now so many pill options that no can say “I am not on the pill because it messes with my mood.” I personally have tried 3 different options before I found my best fit
    • Fringe benefits
      • Shorter, lighter, more regular, and less painful periods
      • May reduce the severity or frequency of menstrual migraines
      • Can improve bleeding and pain associated with endometriosis and fibroids
      • May improve acne
      • Can lower risk of ovarian and uterine cancer
      • Can lower risk of pelvic inflammatory disease
      • May improve bone density before menopause (Thanks WebMD)

So the point of that was to basically say… Don’t stop the pill because of what I am about to tell you.

In recent years, a real world study and a laboratory study has found that the pill can change a woman’s taste in men in two ways.

  1. Basically what happens is that when you are not on the pill, you attracted to men with major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes that are different from their own MHC genes. Your body can literally smell the difference between someone with different MHC genes. But when you are on the pill you are attracted to someone who has similar MHC genes.
      1. The theory behind this is that you want family, people with similar MHC genes, around you when you are pregnant (which the hormones in the pill mimic) to help you take care of your child.
  2. Women off the pill are more likely to choose more masculine men (more testosterone and certain physical markers). Women on the pill are attracted to less masculine men then normal.
      1. Less masculine men tend to be better caretakers then masculine men. Again that whole your body is assuming your pregnant thing.
  3. Women are less sexually satisfied on the pill, but generally happier with their partner overall.
      1. This goes hand in hand with the masculine thing… The less physically attractive you are the more you have to compensate with being nice, making money, other qualities women find attractive.

Several sex therapists and sexologists, that is actually a real science friends, suggest that before you get married women go off the hormonal contraceptives for several months to see if their feelings change. Now lets be real… this hormone change might really really effect some marriages but my feeling is that if you have a solid relationship then this probably doesn’t matter. However, if your relationship falls on hard times this may be the straw that breaks the camels back. Some scientists have also suggest that this change in hormonal contraception might make women more likely to cheat (however this is no excuse).

Hope you are more informed!



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