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I have experience in a some of things. I try to live my life as full as possible and with as many experiences as possible. I like to drink, play rugby, read, cook and sit in bars and talk about abstract things with my friends.

Do we discriminate against virgins? Part 1: Women

Since I am now in Korea, my friend and I have had quite a lot of time to talk. Mostly, because we have only a few  other friends. This topic came up a few days ago and struck a chord. … Continue reading

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How does the pill effect your life?

Birth control… Many of the rational sexually active women I know are on it. So today we will be talking all about the pill and I will be giving you some more SCIENCE knowledge that is important to your relationship. … Continue reading

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Prostates and UTIs

(Sorry this took so long, I am getting ready for a trans-Pacific move) Okay so fun anatomy fact: Women have a prostate. Something I never really knew… not that I am an anatomy buff. I am actually pretty awful at … Continue reading

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Are two bad options really options?

I have a friend, Lulu*, with whom I recently had a conversation about two men she is ‘talking’ to. She told me the tale that so many of us know so well … One of these guys she had dated … Continue reading

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The Importance of Catharsis

Catharsis, according to Wikipedia, is a Greek word that is about cleansing or purging. After a relationship, no matter how short or long, it is important to purge yourself of the other person. It helps clear your mind and allows … Continue reading

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Great Book: Sex at Dawn

This is one of my favorite reads in a long long time! If you have ever wondered about your great x 1000 grandmother’s sex life look no further! This book discusses our prehistoric sex habits and how they continue to … Continue reading

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The Almost-a-Relationship Relationship

Your sleeping together, hanging out and people ask if he is your boyfriend but you don’t have a title? Or maybe, he says loves you but is “just too busy” right now for a relationship? There are hundreds of permutations of … Continue reading

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