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How does the pill effect your life?

Birth control… Many of the rational sexually active women I know are on it. So today we will be talking all about the pill and I will be giving you some more SCIENCE knowledge that is important to your relationship. … Continue reading

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Are two bad options really options?

I have a friend, Lulu*, with whom I recently had a conversation about two men she is ‘talking’ to. She told me the tale that so many of us know so well … One of these guys she had dated … Continue reading

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The Importance of Catharsis

Catharsis, according to Wikipedia, is a Greek word that is about cleansing or purging. After a relationship, no matter how short or long, it is important to purge yourself of the other person. It helps clear your mind and allows … Continue reading

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The Almost-a-Relationship Relationship

Your sleeping together, hanging out and people ask if he is your boyfriend but you don’t have a title? Or maybe, he says loves you but is “just too busy” right now for a relationship? There are hundreds of permutations of … Continue reading

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How to re-end a relationship

So you have broken up with your gal or guy… It’s okay, maybe awkward or maybe it was god awful and you never want to see that ass hat again. Months go by and you see him in passing once … Continue reading

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Relationships = possesion?

Now thats a math equation you don’t see every day. I was having a mildly intoxicated conversation with some long time male friends. I may or may not of accused one of them as seeing his girlfriend as a possession.. … Continue reading

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So here it is

For anyone who is new and doesn’t know me: This is a blog about my thoughts/feelings/frustrations/advice/musings on sex, love and relationships, because dear reader they are not the same. Mommy may have read the story about prince charming… but things … Continue reading

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